How Long Should You Spend At Disney World? 5 Steps To Decide

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How Long Should You Spend At Disney World? 5 Steps To Decide

22 August 2022
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For anyone visiting Walt Disney World, one of the biggest questions is how many days to spend. This is a very personal decision and depends on an array of factors. How can you choose the right mix of days and budget? Here are a few steps to take. 

1. Start With Five Days

Disney pros and fans tend to have their own recommendations about how many days are ideal. In many cases, five days is a good place to begin. This allows you to visit one park per day and have one extra day to use in whatever way most fits your style. However, don't feel that you must stick with a five-day schedule. This is a starting point and can be adjusted up or down in future steps. 

2. Assess Interest Points

To tailor your visit, look at the key interests of all your party or family members. Small children may not enjoy the World Showcase of Epcot Center as much as older kids and adults. Do your kids love animals? Consider spending more time in the Animal Kingdom. If you plan at least one part of your schedule to fulfill the primary interests of each member, everyone will feel more fulfilled no matter what. 

3, Do Your Research

The best way to right-size your schedule is to learn as much as you can about the individual parks that make up Disney World. Armed with knowledge, you can tailor the experience by focusing on the right attractions, dining, entertainment, and characters rather than dismissing anything out of hand. This is particularly smart if you've heard that any parks cannot support a full-day trip. 

4. Schedule Breaks

Day after day at Disney theme parks can be tiring. So, many Disney World planners suggest scheduling a day or part of a day doing other things, like water parks or off-site locations. Some families use their extra day in the five-day schedule to relax or do something less stimulating for small kids. Older kids may enjoy a non-Disney day, such as shopping or visiting the beach. 

5. Avoid Long Days

Visiting multiple theme parks from early in the morning to closing time is a lot for any fan. Try to avoid planning on it. You can always add days to accomplish everything you want to do — even if it's just one day in a particular park, such as the Magic Kingdom. Schedule arrival and departure times based on morning or evening activities. If you want to see the fireworks, for example, arrive later that morning. You can always change your plan on the fly, but it reduces commitments. 

Where to Start

Ready to start planning the perfect Walt Disney World trip for your family? Start by meeting with a family vacation planner who specializes in the Disney experience today. They'll help you make sure it really is the happiest place on earth for your family.  

 Contact a local Walt Disney World family vacation planner for more information.