Pontoon Party Boat Rentals

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Pontoon Party Boat Rentals

8 May 2023
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A pontoon party charter trip will supply you and your travel companions with music, onboard activities, and access to the water. Contact a travel agency and seek assistance with planning a charter excursion that comes with the amenities you and your group prefer. 

An Agent's Role

An agent will provide travel advice, plan your itinerary, and make reservations for your charter adventure. If you will be visiting a lake this summer, your agent can match you with a boat outfitter that rents out boats that are suited for the type of trip that you and your travel group are seeking. An agent will compare rates, plus they will determine which boat outfitter will be the closest to where you would like to use a rented pontoon.

A Pontoon

A pontoon party charter trip differs from one that is held on a large yacht. A pontoon boat is designed for smaller groups to use. A pontoon requires the use of floats. Floats rest along the underside of a pontoon. Floats keep a pontoon buoyant. The body of a pontoon is constructed of metal. Pontoons are typically used in freshwater. The motor that is attached to a pontoon will allow the captain of a boat to dictate how fast a pontoon will go. 

A Party Boat

A pontoon that is classified as a party boat will possess amenities that a standard pontoon won't have. A party pontoon may have a slide attachment, built-in stereo system, bar, bathroom, lounge deck, and other custom features that will make using the watercraft fun and relaxing.

When consulting with a travel agent, let them know where you would like to use a boat. Provide information about the number of people in your travel group. Your travel agent will match you with party boat rentals that feature a single platform or a double-decker design. A double-decker design will contain a lower level where guests can relax. The upper level will allow passengers to lay out in the sun or enjoy fishing. 

Your Tickets And Departure Tips

Once you have been matched with a pontoon party boat outfitter that appeals to you, your travel agent will reserve the boat. A private charter trip will be designated solely for you and your travel group. After you have paid for the trip, you will receive a confirmation. Before the day that you will depart on the pontoon, you and your travel companions will be provided with tickets to board the pontoon. Your travel agent will confirm where the boat departs from.

Contact a local pontoon boat rental service to learn more.